I’m offering reproductions this fragmented 16”x20” piece(Larger when you spread it out) for only $45. Each one hand-painted. If you’re feeling adventurous, and would like a larger version I can do that as well, for very cheap. Message me or email danialjryan@yahoo.com


Coffee Galaxy 

The Sea is My Litterbox

Ambien Surprise #3

"Ambien Surprise #1"

CABAT. Only $30.  danialjryan@yahoo.com or 


I will paint your kitty as a Cabat for the same price. 

#2 in a series of 4 entitled “Stormtrooper Sex”

#1 in a series of 4 entitled “Stormtrooper Sex”.  I’ve always thought of stormtroopers as this weird unisex race. Like you’d be unable to take the blast armor off because that’s their skin.

Get a print for only $10-15 here 

I painted this and now I might kill myself because it’s all downhill from here.